Doing Good

This world has been in turmoil for most of its existence. After the fall of Adam and Eve, it was plunged into darkness. Sin runs rampant and life seems dangerous and dismal. So much of the world and cultures are so desperate to find peace that they have made their own gods, worshipping them in hopes of a better life.

If only they would realize that there is only one true God and He loves them so much. He actually sent His own Son to die for everyone in the world so that we could be saved. But we have to ask forgiveness of our sins and Jesus will forgive us and make us clean.

At that point, we can be disciples of Jesus, spreading the Gospel, telling this sick and defiled world about Him. We can minister to the sick, the lonely, the hungry, the imprisoned, the poor. We can live wisely in Jesus and do good for those that are still lost. After all, Jesus sent someone to minister to us when we were down. Shouldn’t we do the same?

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