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Rebecca Trump

Hello! Welcome to my website. I’m a newly published author who writes Christian romance novels that I hope will not only entertain you but bring God to the forefront of your mind. After all, Jesus is our hope and our help in time of need. He is the Redeemer of our souls. I try with each story to let you see that no matter your problem or trial in life, He is your answer for everything.

I am celebrating the one-year anniversary of my debut novel, At Last My Love, published in January 2022. It is a contemporary romance set in beautiful North Carolina. It is available now at Amazon and the Kindle Store in ebook form only.

I write both Contemporary and Historical Romance. Being a Tennessee girl, most of my stories are set in the South. Whether you enjoy cowboys, horses and feisty ladies on the range or modern-day women and men living life to its fullest, all of my stories have lots of love and family helping each other through the good times and bad.

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May the Lord bless you!



Professional Reader

I enjoy promoting new books coming out or books I have read.

I just finished The Rose and The Thistle by Laura Frantz, set in Scotland, and oh my word, it was so stunning. It was rich with beauty and history. I have put my review below the Goodreads link:

The Rose and the Thistle by Laura Frantz | Goodreads

And another wonderful resource for authors and writers from the talented Cara C. Putman:

The Enneagram for Writers: A Tool to Develop Layered Characters by Cara C. Putman | Goodreads

For other books, check out My Reviews page.

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Happy February, Everyone!! Have a beautiful hearts & flowers month!!